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Contributions made to certain relief funds can be claimed as a deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Terms of Use: 

Welcome to www.nhf-global.org/ Neighbourhood Foundation is owned and operated by Mr. Hemanth and incorporated under the laws of India. Neighbourhood Foundation enables and facilitates inter alia (i) Donors to make monetary contributions to the NGO through the Platform to support Campaigns wherein the Beneficiaries seek donations-in-kind, (ii) Trusts to raise donations from Donors to support the foregoing Campaigns, (iii) marketing and outreach for the foregoing Campaigns and facilitating their donations from the Trust, (iv) procurement and delivery of the selected Materials for the NGO to donate to the Campaigns, and (v) Trusts to identify Beneficiaries who wish to run Campaigns to raise donations-in-kind. These Terms of Use governs Your access to and use of every content, functionality or service offered on or through the Neighbourhood Foundation.  

By your (You or Your) accessing, browsing and/or use of Neighbourhood Foundation, You accept and agree to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions (Terms of Use) which can be accessed at 

The Terms of Use and Neighbourhood Foundation relationship with You. Please read these Terms of Use carefully before proceeding. You declare Your willingness to abide and be bound by these Terms of Use through Your use of Neighbourhood Foundation. If You do not agree with the Terms of Use, please do not use Neighbourhood Foundation. These Terms of Use will be effective immediately upon Your acceptance of Our terms and conditions, Your use of Neighbourhood Foundation being indicative of such acceptance. These Terms of Use shall be enforceable against You in the same manner as any other written agreement.


Donors shall select the Campaign in accordance with their choice and donate an amount to the Trust, either in Indian Rupees or otherwise through the payment channels provided for on the Platform. The Donors shall select the Materials they wish the Trust to provide to the Campaigns. The NGO (as applicable) shall collect the donations and provide the Materials by the respective Donors, subject to the terms set forth under the Terms of Use. In the event of failure to remit the donation amount, the same shall be intimated to the Donor. Please note that once You donate on the Platform, no refund shall be processed. 

We use the services of third-party payment service providers to process Your payment and share the payment information and other identifiers with such third parties in accordance with their terms and conditions. Accordingly, Your payments to Us through such third party services shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions adopted and implemented by such service provider, and We shall not be responsible for any failed or incomplete fulfilment of any payment instructions issued by You through such service provider or any actions taken by You in respect of the same. At the time of payment, Your bank or other third-party payment intermediaries may charge You currency conversion fees, bank charges and other transaction fees which shall be payable by You.

Delivery of the Materials will be done either at the end of the Campaign period (or) once the Campaign reaches its stipulated goal whichever is prior. However, the NGO may, at its sole discretion, supply the Materials upon the request of the Campaign or if the need arises prior to the timeline mentioned herein. The NGO shall ship and supply the Material directly to the Beneficiaries identified by You. Once Materials are delivered, the NGO are under no obligations, contractually or otherwise to You or the Beneficiaries. 

The donation amount donated by the Donors shall be through the payment gateway channels and shall thereafter be directed to the applicable NGO. The NGO shall purchase the selected Materials and shall supply the same to the Beneficiaries of the Campaign. Relevant photographs of donations made shall be posted in the gallery of the website by the Beneficiaries. 

Privacy Policy:

Your use of the Platform is governed by Our privacy policy, which can be located at 

Please read Our privacy policy to understand Our information collection and usage practices. You may obtain certain confidential information. You acknowledge and agree to hold all Confidential Information in strict confidence. Your obligations regarding Confidentiality of information will survive the termination of these Terms of Use. Upon such termination, You must stop forthwith using any Confidential Information to which You may have been exposed in due course of Your use of the Neighbourhood Foundation.

Any notice to be given in connection with these Terms of Use shall be delivered via email to support@nhf-global.org

Refund Policy:

For all online transactions and credit card payments, in case a request is made for a refund, we agree to make the refund by reversing the transaction through our bank or the payment service provider. The charges for the refund would be borne by us in case of wrong deductions or error transactions.